It is so good to be free of that constant worry and fear. I feel like I can really breathe... M.N.J

Wow - I should have done that so much earlier! - Earl

I don't know how it worked. I just know that it has... G H

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>Hi Jan
>I hope this email finds you well. I have seen you 3 times earlier this year - and I have to say Wow! How amazing the effects of hypnosis have been. My confidence in sharing my ideas, my friendships, my ability to be myself- so incredible. Life transforming.
Emma from Hastings 

I enjoyed my session. I felt so relaxed I did not want it to finish. Your voice is soothing and lovely. It has helped. Helped alot. 

I used your suggestions and the strategies you taught me and they helped.  The flight was really full and I can't say it was enjoyable but it was okay and I am okay with that. I was comfortable and laid back and It felt shorter than I expected and I don't dread doing it again.
Thanx  Sam.

No more smoking and I am off to Oz for a holiday. Should have done it years ago! Thanks.
K. B.

This is a big THANK YOU to Jan who helped me stop smoking cigarettes. I had been a smoker for approx 30 yrs and after hypnotherapy from Jan I am now free from the thought, habit and any desire to smoke. I am now approx 6 months a non-smoker. I had tried the patches, gum, herbal cigs, none of them completely freeing me from the habit. I was constantly thinking of cigs, sometimes consuming my thoughts. Jan eliminated these thoughts and any desire to return to smoking. I'm eternally grateful.

The whole session was lovely - felt very easy to talk with you openly about things I sometimes (often) find hard to say.... your lovely accepting and friendly nature, calm manner and your amazing voice all really helped.

Your warm and friendly nature, your caring and compassion will carry you far:) 

Rosie F

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On 19 June

>Hi Jan
>I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for helping me achieve a goal that I have been trying to overcome for a very long time. 
>As of today I have lost 14kgs thanks to your hypnotherapy and it is still coming off with ease.
>Thank you so much 

Twelve months ago I had a hypnosis session with Jan to quit smoking. I had my last cigarette before the session and I've had  no urges or cravings. I still regularly enjoy a beer - I just changed the brand - I can even handle being around people who are smoking. I feel really sorry for them.  I love being a non smoker and I can't believe I used to smell like that!  

Thanks to Jan I am far more relaxed and confident. I can think more clearly and I 

am sleeping well. This all makes life so much more enjoyable. 

Lisa T.

What you said made a lot of sense. I have lost 8 kg. Thanks.
Bec. W.

Jan, I want to say thanks. I have struggled with my weight all my life. You listened. You understood ... For the first time I feel I can really MAKE IT to my goal and stay there! 

I am 18 kg lighter and feeling so much happiness and positivity. 
I will make it to my goal - only 6 more kgs to go!
Bless you!

Sal P.

Update: Thanks Jan! The last 6 kg are gone and I have maintained for four months. Life is good ... so good. Too good to return to my old ways. Looking back it has been easy. 
Sal P.

Update: Thanks Jan! Still 24 kg lighter and it feels great - easy even! It's been over 2 years now. Every now and then I listen to the audios and I use the switch to dial down hunger. It's been great. Thanks.
Sal P.

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