The  areas that 
hypnosis can  help you with are limitless.  

Specialising in:  Weight LossVirtual Gastric Band, smoking and 
other habits, fearsanxiety and more...


Rapid change is possible with hypnosis

  Personalized Programs - helping you succeed through effective processes and best and most efficient use of your time.

Supporting you to take control of your life, your habits, behaviors and feelings.

Call  021 2141 376 or (06) 8436 932

An initial text or email inquiry is welcomed
 but bookings are to be 
 made via telephone conversation 

 - Working with you to achieve improvement or enhancement 
- If you are feeling 
stuckexperiencing fearstressanxiety, or

can’t seem to change or overcome an old pattern or 
habit  ...     
Call   021 2141 376 or (06) 8436 932

Physical issues, emotional issues, behaviours, modes of thinking, fears, habits, motivation, confidence, stress, anxiety, sexual problems, sports, stress, children's problems...



For  appointments and enquiries please phone Jan 
(06) 8436 932   or   021-2141 376 

If I am with a client, please clearly leave your name and number on the answer phone and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. 

Initial text or email inquiries are welcomed
 however, bookings are 
made via telephone conversation

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